Does Your Team Excel in New Paradigms?

Construct holistic solutions from the felt experience of your team. Uncover values, in a purposeful, effective and sustainable way. Take into account what you have been ignoring. Create systems that engage your employees 100%. Lay the groundwork for peak state and ideal customer engagement. 

This is what we do. This is what millennials are demanding. 

This is the future of business.

Create Sustainable and Embodied Solutions

What is happening? 

Assessment of the embodied state of team members. This includes mental, physiological, postural, and emotional factors. What is really going on for the individual, and what is needed to evoke peak state?


Refocus workflow patterns from the ground up, by bringing covert power structures into the light. Deepen communication, improve trust, and create paradigms to account for changing demands of the team. Ensure cohesion and peak engagement.


All new movements -- terrorist cells, political parties, management teams (and soon advertising and product development) -- are driven by autonmous self-arising structures. Already this transition has begun to hit the workforce as millennials' influence reaches. Just as workflow has had to change around software design principle, all business frameworks are being asked to shift with the arising of new models of consciousness.

Don't think it will happen to you?

United. Pepsi.

The structures of workflow must change in order to unleash inherent intelligence. The needed sight and knowledge is already within your organization. How to access it: that is what we do.

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." 


Avoid the slipups that even the biggest brands are making in the modern era.

Your team isn't flowing or communicating? 

You need to craft a millennial-backed message?

Who Its For: Teams searching for an empowered and embodied approach to solutions. Systems that respect all viewpoints, and create innovative solutions from this framework. Unveil natural flow, and efficiently maximize skills and resources.

How it's Done: I observe and interact with a team in their work setting: seeing, hearing, and experiencing their bodies move. In this way, I develop a model to understand the overt & covert pathways of power in a team, and bring covert values into the light, balancing the structure of a team.

Process: Address unmet values. Empower the creation of uniquely tailored solutions. Teams finish honed, efficient, and with strategy rooted in feeling to navigate the largest problems.  

Full Success or You Don't Pay.

Embodied WorkFlow

Management Development Program

30 2-Hour Sessions + 3-Day Retreat

Understand how bodies create and affect thought. Leverage a new way to access intelligence.

Examine communication structures, designed around process and listening. Set a new baseline of how to hear each other.

Refocus Mission & Purpose through felt understanding. Shift the way a company expresses itself.  

  • Embodiment: Accessing your Body’s Intelligence
  • Communication: Process, Listening, & Expression
  • Mission & Purpose: A Bodily Understanding

Jonathan Janis

Brooklyn, New York

tel: +15033518468

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